Press Kit & Media Kit Guide What To Include

The city may be omitted if it will be confusing –– for example if the release is written in New York about events in the company’s Chicago division. A bold headline also typically uses a larger font size than the body copy. Conventional press release headlines use the present tense and exclude “”a”” and “”the””, as well as forms of the verb “”to be”” in certain contexts.

Similarly, press releases should be pitched to the right journalists and crafted for the right audience. If the title and lead visibly include useful details, journalists are more inclined to push it out and give it the press coverage it deserves. Beyond the realm of SEO, press releases also help boost a company’s visibility in another way.

For Clinical Trial articles, please include the Unique Identifier and the URL of the publicly accessible website on which the trial is registered. For the collaborators of the consortium/group to be indexed in PubMed, they do not have to be inserted in the Frontiers submission system individually. Consortium/group authorship should be listed in the manuscript with the other author.

And my release still ends up on PR Newswire… which is what matters to me. Because this was an original story based on my release, that link DID count. They literally wrote a story based on the content in my release. Today, I always have someone from my team read through the release for typos, bad links and unclear copy.

One way to control the narrative surrounding your brand is through press releases. News release headlines should have a “”grabber”” to attract journalists, just as a newspaper headline is meant to grab readers. It may describe the latest achievement of an organization, a recent newsworthy event, a new product or service. For a press release to stand a chance of being printed, verbatim, by the news media, it must be well written and factually accurate.

When a publication writes a story about your press release, its audience becomes your audience. Suppose a press release gets picked up by a media outlet, either as a separate post or used to elucidate another more extensive article. In that case, it will get backlinks from that outlet’s website.

Keep in mind that no one’s going to read your release word-for-word. Your lead (sometimes spelled “lede”) is the first few lines of your release. And in this chapter I’ll cover the two-step process you can use to write PR headlines that stand out. Specifically, you want to turn that piece of news into a strong hook. With practice, you’ll start to weave even seemingly promotional concepts into a broader context. By fitting it into the bigger picture, a journalist is more likely to see how it would fit into their story.

It’s important to craft the message in a way that appeals to the parents, even though they aren’t the target audience. Event press releases are an integral part of an event marketing plan. An event press release promotes a newsworthy event that a company is hosting, attending, or sponsoring.

Do you want readers to visit your website to enter a contest or learn more about your organization? Odds are whoever you sent your press release to has a dozen just like it in his/her inbox just waiting to be ignored. If your work is full of errors, lacking content, or just needs to be revised, they’re not going to waste their time. So make sure you have good grammar, all the basics, and have something to write about. The top of a press release is premium copy space and should be reserved for attention grabbing copy such as a headline and lead paragraph

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