Pre Construction Termite Services


Pre-Construction Termite Control: Some people think of it as a do-it-yourself (DIY) job that can save them money. Some termites may not be visible at the time of construction. This is especially true in the case of underground termites. So the question becomes, if you are performing the job yourself, how do you know that the colony of termites have been completely eradicated? There are several pest control companies that offer their services to perform the pre-construction Termite Inspection on your property and this includes the visual inspection as well as the soil testing.

One advantage of having the services of a professional company is that they do the soil testing as well as visual inspection in an effective manner and within a short period of time. Most of the people who opt for pre-construction termite services do not have enough knowledge about the specific type of termites that inhabit your property. In order to determine the extent of infestation of a particular property with termites, an extensive soil survey is carried out. The results of this survey will help the professional company that provides the pre-construction termite services to determine the extent of termite intrusion.

In order to ensure complete success in the pre-construction termite services, the company that offers the same also carries out the soil testing as well as Termite inspections. This helps the company to decide whether or not the chemicals that are used for the Termite Control are sufficient to achieve the desired result. In order to do so, the professional company also tests the soil for the presence of pesticides and fungicides. In fact, this aspect is also addressed by most of the professional companies who provide pre-treat market protection.

Another important facet of pre-construction termite services is the sos exterminating. Usually, it is only the professional companies that have the necessary experience and expertise to carry out the sos exterminating process effectively. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to carry out the entire Termite extermination process from start to finish, from drawing out the plans of the new construction site to the application of the Termite killing chemicals. You can get more information about termite control Anthem

Moreover, the pre-construction termite services include many other services as well. One of these is the Termite inspection and testing of the new construction site. If this task is not undertaken by the professional companies, then there is a high probability of the presence of termites inside the building. These termites can enter the building through the holes that are left after the construction of the walls. Apart from that, they can also enter through the small gaps that are present in the floor slab and the ceiling. These gaps are often overlooked by the builders and hence, are not detected during the Termite inspection and testing.

The application of Termite treatment chemicals is another aspect of the Termite control that is often neglected by the builders. However, the professionals know how to use the chemicals effectively and thus, ensure that the termites are completely wiped out from the building. However, most of the builders prefer to employ the services of professional pest control companies so that the pre-construction Termite control is carried out efficiently and totally. Some of the best pre-construction termite services providers are:

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